Starfield Photo of the Week - The Vastness of Space

huge gas giant starfield dwarfs man
Credit: Reddit/Bethesda

huge gas giant starfield dwarfs man
Credit: Reddit/Bethesda

Months ago, Todd Howard said in an interview that they intentionally made some of the planets in Starfield empty and barren. He said they intended to give the player an appreciation of the vast and huge space, to foster a feeling of loneliness and a desire to explore.

Of course, that statement was quite controversial, especially since players complained that such a decision made those planets ‘boring.’

This became a point of contention, with some Bethesda customer service reps on Steam and Reddit telling players that even the astronauts didn’t find space boring when they went to the Moon.

Well, if any in-game screenshot or Photo Mode snap embodies what Todd is perhaps trying to say, it would be this capture from Redditor Grey_Owl1990.

starfield man dwarf gas giant
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Credit: Bethesda/Reddit

In this capture, we can see how the huge gas giant and its multiple rings dwarf the moon where the player is standing. The player is small and insignificant even when in the image's center.

Somehow, this image mirrors the vast and seemingly endless expanse of space and how humanity is a speck of cosmic dust in the galaxy.

Starfield’s Settled Systems are a small part of the universe —even the more than 1,000 other planets are just one galaxy among the many in the known universe.

Maybe Todd is on to something here. Hopefully, he and his team of 250 developers can push out all of the updates in the roadmap that could make Starfield better than it is now.

Of course, who could forget about the Shattered Space DLC and the Creation Kit?

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