New N7 Outfit Hits Starfield For N7 Day

mass effect n7 striker

mass effect n7 striker

By now, we’ve all gotten used to the different sci-fi crossovers involving Starfield and other franchises in the genre. We’ve seen Mandalorians and Stormtroopers invade New Atlantis, for instance, or Futurama food in the vending machines seen throughout the galaxy.

Mass Effect is no exception, being a franchise as beloved as Bethesda’s newest intellectual property after 25 years. We’ve already seen a set of mods effectively transform Starfield into Mass Effect, from the armor to the weapons and gameplay.

Yesterday, November 8, was also N7 Day. To commemorate this occasion, Bioware, the publisher of Mass Effect, dropped a trailer for the upcoming latest installment in this franchise. You can check the trailer out below.

As you can see, the trailer introduced the N7 Strikers Gang, a group known for their distinctive uniform that has a raised collar similar to the comic book character Spawn.

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Credit: Nexus

Modder Piromods quickly jumped in to retexture the armors in Starfield to imitate the newest wardrobe items in the world of Mass Effect. Considering the time frame between the trailer's release and the mod's release a few hours ago, this is fast work!

Take a look at what these costumes look like. If you dig this outfit, you can download and install the mod from Nexus Mods.

This month alone has seen numerous game trailers like Starfield drop on YouTube and other social media channels.

Squadron 42, the long-awaited space simulator from Cloud Imperium Games, also released a gameplay walkthrough trailer two weeks ago. The devs said they are in the polishing stage but did not mention a release date.

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