’Red Tape’ Results in Update Delays for Starfield - Bethesda Rep

starfield red tape

starfield red tape

Since September, many people in the Starfield community have been saying that modders are doing more to fix the game than Bethesda Game Studios. Starfield is, in fact, one of the most heavily modded games in the market right now, with more than a thousand mods on Nexus.

Of course, that makes one wonder why Bethesda is not dishing out updates at a rate similar to how modders are springing mods for its games. We may not have to wonder for long because a social media rep for Bethesda has tried to explain that issue on Reddit.

Conveniently, the rep points his fingers to 'red tape' to try and explain why BGS itself is lagging behind modders in fixing Starfield’s numerous issues.

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Bethesda's community manager Robert O'Neill

According to Bethesda’s Robert O’Neill, the development team has to go through the studio's official certification and localization process before they can be rolled out. O’Neill, whose Reddit handle is VaultOfDaedalus, alludes to a lengthy cycle of proposals, development, and quality control.

He also says that, because of red tape, they find it ideal to consolidate patches into one big update rather than release them ad hoc.

“It also ensures better build testing when the new code is all together," O’Neill explained further regarding this release system for Bethesda’s game updates.

Before these major updates, modders had already released the first version of its Starfield Community Patch.

It remains to be seen if the changes made by this Community Patch will be enhanced or broken by this new update, as what happened to Skyrim mods when Bethesda launched the Bethesda Game Studios Creations platform in early December.

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