Xbox Finance Exec Wants to Bring Game Pass to Every Screen

starfield gamepass

starfield gamepass

The console wars have raged for a long time now. These fan-centric conflicts have often reached unspeakable lows, the most recent of which was comparing the butts of Andreja from Starfield to Mary Jane from Spider-Man 2.

The post is a subtle shade from a fan of one console-exclusive game to another and sparked a flame war on Elon Musk’s X. When will this end? No one knows, but Xbox Chief Financial Officer Tim Stuart says they can lower the barrier.

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During the Wells Fargo TMT Summit, Stuart said they planned to bring all their first-party Xbox Games and Xbox Game Pass on every screen possible. This implies that they want to bring Game Pass to platforms owned by their competitors, namely Sony and Nintendo.

However, this has been attempted before, with Phil Spencer announcing in 2018 that Game Pass will expand beyond PCs and Xbox consoles. Spencer later said he is open to discussing bringing Game Pass to PlayStation and Nintendo, but talks fell through.

Stuart reiterates that goal, explaining that they intend to keep their content and services revenues in the double digits. Stuart said they could take a share if they could grow at a pace faster than the gaming market.

He added that this means partnering with competitors like PlayStation, Nintendo, and Nvidia’s GeForce Now.

Nvidia’s GeForce Now is one of the platforms aside from Steam and GamePass that Starfield can be played on. If Microsoft could push through with this goal, Starfield could reach PlayStation’s consoles through GamePass while remaining a PC/Xbox exclusive.

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