Bethesda and Arkane Lyon Unveil Marvel’s Blade Trailer at TGA

blade videogame arkane

blade videogame arkane

Starfield may not have won the Best RPG award from The Games Awards, but fans of Bethesda’s latest RPG who are also into Marvel heroes had something to take away from the TGA stream last night.

This is because Bethesda Softworks, Marvel Games, and Arkane Lyon unveiled the trailer for the upcoming third-person action game Marvel’s Blade in the middle of the awards ceremony. Take an exclusive look at the teaser footage below.

The 1-minute video shows Blade trying to get a shave from a barber just as the Sun sets in Paris. However, gunshots erupt outside, interrupting the session. After paying the barber for his service, Blade suits up and heads out to hunt, but not before telling the shop owner to lock in tight.

That’s the only information available about the game, which is now under development by Arkane Lyon in Paris. Arkane is the award-winning studio behind the successful DEATHLOOP and Dishonored series.

The game is being developed in honor of the 50th anniversary of Blade’s comic book debut, Marvel Games said in its announcement. The publisher described the partnership with Arkane Lyon as a perfect match, acknowledging the studio’s drive to “push the boundaries of game design and innovation.”

Arkane Lyon’s Game Director Dinga Bakaba, on the other hand, said that it has always been his dream “as a kid of mixed origins” to give the Daywalker the studio’s trademark treatment and style. He also said that he and his team passionately accept the challenge to realize Marvel Games’ vision for Blade.

While not being able to bag TGA’s Game of the Year and Best RPG awards, Bethesda’s RPG to date still holds the distinction of being Xbox Game of the Year at the Golden Joystick Awards.

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