Did Bethesda Really Mean for the Lodge to Be the Eye?

the eye starfield

the eye starfield

When Bethesda first announced Starfield in 2018, they made a few footage and images publicly available as a preview.

Five years later, some players with sharp memories and Legolas-like vision are spotting some differences between the preview material and the final product.

For instance, Reddit user The_Wulfy noted that The Eye looked different in the initial promotional materials. Specifically, they noticed that the interior of The Eye had a dark brown tinge, indicating wooden materials in the finish.

The_Wulfy also posted a picture with that particular section highlighted with a square. Check it out below.

One user agreed with the observation, calling it “fair” and questioning the logic of separating the two locations. They added that it would be more appropriate for a space-faring organization such as the Constellation to use a space station as a headquarters.

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Credit: Reddit

Another user chimed in, theorizing that Bethesda quest designers split the two apart to facilitate the mission where the user has to choose between the two factions.

Still, others wondered at the logic of having that mission take place in The Eye, with one user pointing out the cutscenes involving the Astral Dancers and alluding to the hilarity it would have placed on the scene.

Would it have made a difference if The Eye and The Lodge were in the same location?

After five years of development, Starfield finally launched on September 6 following a 5-day early access in which it garnered 1 million players.

One of those 1 million players credited Starfield for literally saving his life. A Reddit user with the handle Tidyckilla said he had decided to stay up late on August 31 to participate in early access.

This ultimately saved him from disaster, as he was awake when a fire broke out in his apartment after midnight. He was able to safely evacuate his family with only minor burns.

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