Starfield Player Survives Fire, Credits Game for Saving His Life

Screenshot of Starfield with a picture of a burning building super-imposed on it

Screenshot of Starfield with a picture of a burning building super-imposed on it

Most people think of video games as mere forms of entertainment. However, for one Reddit user, Bethesda’s newest open-world role-playing game, Starfield, was more than just a game - it was a lifesaver.

On Sunday, Reddit user Tidyckilla started a thread in which he related his experience surviving a fire in his apartment on early Friday morning, September 1.

According to Tidyckilla, he purchased the Premium edition and gained early access to Starfield on the evening of August 31. He wanted to get a good headstart on the game and so decided to play beyond midnight. At around 2:26 AM, he explained, he heard an explosion coming from the neighboring apartment.

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Credit: Reddit/Tidyckilla

He immediately rushed outside to check and saw flames rapidly coming up the stairwell to their apartment. Tidyckilla hurried back inside to retrieve his wife and cat and escaped with only minor burns.

Had he been asleep and not binge-playing the game, Tidyckilla said, he and his family would have died due to smoke inhalation.

“I want to thank this game for saving my family and me from a horrible fate,” the thread concluded.

Standard players only need to wait two more days until the game is released on Wednesday, September 6.

A Reddit thread reported on September 1, less than 24 hours after early access became available, that a hacker group called RUNE has released a cracked version of Starfield.

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Credit: Reddit/MajesticUser420

Reddit user Majestic420 said the hackers uploaded a 115GB cracked version of Starfield to torrent sites. This upload included detailed instructions on installing the game and keeping it from going online.

Meanwhile, Constellation members can now set up and use their free Chronomark smartwatches after Bethesda released the Starfield Watch App on August 31. They can download the official companion app from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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