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starfield hoarder

starfield hoarder

Todd Howard has warned us - we can hoard stuff in Starfield, but we don’t really need most of those things. This player finds out too late that having all those items dropped on him will actually kill him.

Redditor MrPickle123 posted a thread on the social media forum announcing that there’s actually unlimited room in The Lodge for storing items you’ve acquired on your playthrough.

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Credit: Reddit/MrPickle123

The player explained he is yet to enter New Game+ because he wanted to do some other things in NG0 first. These include collecting every fire extinguisher he came across since the start of the game.

Eventually, with over 100 hours spent on the game, he decided it was time to enter the Unity and blow up all those fire extinguishers that he’d hoarded in The Lodge as a send-off to his character.

At the last minute, he threw in everything he’d accumulated at that point, including resources, armor, and weapons.

With all of those that he collected sitting in The Lodge, the player blew up his hoard and walked through the falling debris. The force of all of those items falling on his character killed him, a fact that he said surprised him.

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All those potatoes

Although it wasn’t part of his intention, MrPickle123’s experiment revealed how the physics of rendering thousands of objects affects the frame rate. As observed with the 10,000 potatoes video last month, the physics of rendering all of those hoarded items caused his Xbox frame rate to take a nose dive.

As Todd Howard said about encumbrance: “No, you don't need the trays and the pencils. But we like that you can pick them up.” You also don’t have to blow them up as a send-off either.

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