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starfield star wars

starfield star wars

Starfield, Bethesda’s newest open-world RPG, lets you do more than just explore a vast galaxy. It lets you build ships from designs of your own making or using templates from other existing franchises.

Star Wars is a favorite among the player base, and you don’t talk Star Wars without bringing Han Solo’s iconic Millennium Falcon into the conversation.

Of course, we’ve already seen plenty of examples of players building their versions of the Corellian freighter through Starfield’s Ship Builder. However, we rarely see images of these creations in action.

Thanks to X user Willsensui, we have four excellent examples.

Although it retains the Millennium Falcon’s distinctive shape and outline, Willsensui’s creation also has some of his own design choices in the mix.

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Credit: X/Willsensui

It’s not as faithful as we hoped with the original, but at least we could see that the user has brought his unique flavor into the construction.

In the photo above, we see the Millennium Falcon cruising past an unidentified gas giant - there are so many gas giants in Starfield - with an asteroid field nearby. Saturn, maybe?

Check out Willsensui’s gallery on his X account, where you can find three more excellent snaps of his version of the Millennium Falcon.

Bethesda has previously announced that it is bringing a series of updates to Starfield beginning in early February.

One of these updates will reportedly introduce new travel methods to the studio’s space romper. Bethesda, however, did not mention any specifics, leading to widespread speculation on what this new travel will be.

In the meantime, check out this player’s attempt at building or introducing a working mech to Starfield through a mod for Vasco and Skyrim spells adapted for the game.

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