Player Horrified to See Ship Take Off Without Its Hull

starfield ships

starfield ships

Nothing is more horrifying than seeing your ship in Starfield suddenly take off without its hull. It’s like seeing somebody’s soul leave their body while they’re still standing there, alive.

Unfortunately, that’s what this Reddit user found is possible in Bethesda’s latest open-world RPG.

In a quest to find answers, the player, whose Reddit username is AtomicDreamWeaver, uploaded a video of his ship “naked” ship to Reddit and asked if anyone else has the same experience.

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Credit: Reddit

Indeed, the ship is intact, but you can see its innards since the covering on the components is lying on the landing pad for some reason.

Fortunately for this player, another user came to his rescue and told him such a glitch happens when they have too many saved games in their memory. That same Redditor said to him that he could potentially fix it by going over to a staryard and getting a new paint job.

AtomicDreamWeaver did what he told him, saying the tip saved his ship. He also had to delete some of his saved games to restore his vessel.

Other users saw the transparent ship in a more positive light, pointing out that being able to peer into the cross-section of the ship is a neat feature that should be added to Ship Builder in the future.

This same bug appeared at the “Honest Conference” video with an AI-voiced Todd Howard describing the bugs people have observed in Starfield. As he says, they dreamed of building a game that would break the Creation Engine in every aspect. A ship takes off without its hull into space.

Bethesda’s newest patch is currently in beta testing on Steam Beta. This update will fix several bugs and add the much-awaited DLSS support for PCs running Nvidia GPUs.

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