AI Todd Howard Bares It All About Starfield

todd howard

todd howard

Some people wonder what Todd Howard thinks about the numerous bugs that PC and Xbox players are experiencing in his new baby, Starfield. As the director, it’s bad form for him actually to say something bad about his creation… but what if Howard bares it all in an actual Honest Conference?

The YouTube Channel Unscripted producers decided to try it with AI voicing, actual player footage, and a video of the Starfield executive producer during the official launch. Check this one out.

Using a hilarious compilation of every buggy player experience there is, the Unscripted team created an equally funny video of what Howard could possibly say if he was 100% honest.

When asked by the interviewer why he created Starfield, the AI-voiced Todd Howard said that he has dreamt of building a game that will break the Creation engine in every aspect. He also pointed out the need to purchase the most current GPU technology to run Starfield, only to run through thousands of barren planets.

The interviewer also asked what bugs he brought into the game, with “Howard” responding that they brought along a 300-seat feeder where they just kept looping or recycling the bugs. He even warned players to “buckle up” for the experience.

And what about loading screens? The AI voice responded by describing a quest where the player has to go through 10 loading screens just to grab a beverage for somebody in a staryard.

The AI voice expressed confidence in what it described as “the worst UI in the world,” stating that they have modders to help them out with that. He also admitted that he has put in 100 hours in the game but even he cannot figure out the locations in New Atlantis.

The interview ended on a positive note, with “Todd” stating that they are aiming for a “controversial 7 out of 10” rating at Metacritic for what is actually Bethesda’s most successful game so far.

The hilarity doesn’t end there, however. The video closes with a 2-minute outro featuring more footage of the bugs players found in Starfield.

If you’re having a bad day and you want to lighten up, be sure to watch the Unscripted video right now!

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