Player Realizes He Could Land Anywhere… After 100 Hours

starfield ship landing

starfield ship landing

The scope and breadth of Starfield is immense, and it’s normal to get lost and not know what to do while playing the game. It’s also slightly expected not to know a few game features in the beginning and find out about them hundreds of hours later.

This is what happened to a Redditor who goes by the handle PMYOURCATPICTURES. They had to spend 100 hours exploring planets, doing quests, and whatever else before realising they could actually pick their landing spots within a planet.

In Starfield, planets can have points of interest when scanning, and you can click on that if you want to land on that place. However, you can do the same thing virtually anywhere on that same planet.

This was one piece of advice given by that player who claimed to have surveyed all the planets in Bethesda’s newest open-world exploration RPG.

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Some fauna, he said, spawn in the ocean, so you’ll need to select a body of water in the planetary map and choose the nearest land to be your landing spot. This way, you can get to the water and find that creature to scan… or kill.

In any case, the PMYOURCATPICTURES thread on Reddit attracted some interesting additional advice from other players. One user, reedypetey, even shared tips on instantly spawning on abandoned facilities and outposts.

The most interesting advice, however, is from user harryhend3rson. This user shared advice on ensuring your companions have infinite ammo. The advice? Equip them with a gun and give them only one bullet. That sounds like a bug to us.

Starfield is currently nominated for three awards at the Golden Joystick Awards. Be sure to vote before the polls close tomorrow at 3 PM Eastern Standard Time.

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