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It’s been a very successful run for Bethesda’s latest open-world role-playing game, Starfield. After hitting 10 million players in just two weeks and staying in Xbox’s top 3 most-played games, the game is now in the running to gain at least one Golden Joystick Award.

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It has been reported earlier that Starfield has received a nomination for not just one but three Golden Joystick categories. These categories are Best Audio, Best Visual Design, and Xbox Game of the Year.

Starfield players know that our beloved game deserves all these awards, if possible, so we’re joining Bethesda in calling for support. Thus, we’re asking all readers to go to the voting page and vote for Starfield in these three categories.

Voting will be closed tomorrow at 6 PM EST/3 PM PT/11 PM BST, so there’s plenty of time today to cast your vote for Bethesda’s most successful game in its entire career.

As we vote for Starfield in the Best Audio category, let’s also bring to mind the roster of fantastic voice actors that give life to the various characters in the game. One of these is Wes Johnson, a long-time collaborator with Bethesda who has played numerous NPCs in the Elder Scrolls franchise.

While technically not a part of audio design, let us remember the band Imagine Dragons, who collaborated with Starfield’s composer Inon Zur to create the amazing song “Children of the Sky,” which commemorated the start of early access on September 1.

Imagine Dragons released the music for Children of the Sky at the same time Bethesda announced that the game reached 10 million players.

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