Player Discovers Hilltop Natural Pool Filled With Fauna Skeletons

Credit: Bethesda

Credit: Bethesda

Exploration is at the heart of the experience in Bethesda’s latest space exploration RPG, Starfield. While some critics may decry the size of the game’s galaxy - over 1,000 celestial bodies spread out throughout 120 star systems - the dedicated players know that this route of gaming is a path towards unforgettable discoveries.

This is what happened to a player with the X handle of AnnieKitzman, who also goes by the name Aurora Stormrider on Elon Musk’s very own social media website.

AnnieKitzman uploaded a video of one such exploration in Starfield into their X post, showing them initially chasing an unnamed fauna. After missing a shot at the creature, AnnieKitzman’s player character decided to follow the slope of the rocky hill to its top.

Lo and behold, they found a small hilltop basin with a low island surrounded by huge skeletons of unspecified creatures. The player wasted no time changing into their game swimsuits and dipped in the waters of their new discovery.

When the player looks up, they see the gas giant Schrodinger VIII. A title card at the end of the video also reveals the location to be in the moon, Schrodinger VIII-A.

Planet and moon exploration in Starfield has already unearthed many interesting discoveries. The most notable for us would be the “dancing fauna” videos that have been posted in X this month and last month.

The most recent video found on X was also by AnnieKitz, who got in between an Aggressive Siren and a herd of a Wary type of fauna. After she killed the Siren, the other creatures started a weird “dance” that seemed to be a “territory claiming” ritual that aimed to warn her off the fauna’s turf.

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