Headless Crew Members Appear in Starfield

headless crew members starfield

headless crew members starfield

Bethesda’s developers are working hard to improve Starfield, which otherwise was the studio’s biggest release in its career. At the same time, avid players are spotting bugs popping up left and right; some are downright funny!

For instance, how many of you have encountered headless versions of your crew members suddenly popping up while you’re busy enjoying Starfield on your PC or Xbox Series console?

Apparently, these two Redditors did, and at roughly the same time. As a result, there are now two threads on the social media forum sharing their experiences with the rest of the community.

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Credit: Reddit

The first thread is posted by Prestigious_Dance651 and shows a headless Jessamine Griffin in a dialogue with the player character. According to the Redditor, they have not yet recruited Jessamine into their crew, yet the “bug” seems to have reached the character before they could do so.

The other thread is done by BackgroundBuy8563. This time, it’s Andreja who’s now fallen victim to the headless bug. The screenshot even has the player telling the now-decapitated NPC that she has been unaware of “a great many things.”

There’s no explanation yet on how these hilarious malfunctions have come to occur, although we’d like to remind all Starfield that they could report issues like this to the game’s official Discord channel in real time.

Besides, it’s an excellent opportunity to do so, as Bethesda’s development team is deeply embroiled in fixing bugs as part of its roadmap for 2024.

We should have plenty of changes to look forward to. With Bethesda allocating 250 people in its team to work on Starfield alone, the updates defined in the studio’s announcement before the holidays should be very doable with that amount of manpower.

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