Player Encounters Another ‘Dancing Fauna Troupe’

starfield creatures

starfield creatures

Starfield creature behavior is as scientific as it can get. Some animals in the galaxy are so aggressive they’ll attack you at first sight, even if they’re already fighting another monster. Others are wary in temperament and will defer attacking you until you’re close.

This is likely when this Starfield player on X encounters these ' dancing faunas,' a phenomenon that is not exactly new. However, it takes a closer look at how Bethesda had programmed their creatures’ behavior and how near the implementation is to the real thing.

As you can see from the video, the four unidentified creatures were attacked by a Level 44 Siren when the player and her NPC (probably Barrett) approached from behind. The Siren turned its attention from the creatures, attacked the player instead, and got dispatched for its trouble.

Afterward, two creatures started roaring and dancing simultaneously, while the other two simply stood there like silent sentinels.

The player also attempted to approach the creatures, revealing a further fifth one at the back, but they wouldn’t allow her to.

In the wild, some animals will hiss, snarl, or bark at you to tell you to get off their cases. Snakes do that, for example, until you turn away or find an avenue of escape. These are no snakes, but the similarities in behavior can’t be denied.

This is the second time somebody posted creature behavior like this in Starfield. The first one also seemed like the fauna was just trying to scare the player off, but they were moving simultaneously in large numbers that other users thought they were doing a musical number.

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