Player Discovers Rivers on Newton II During His Birthday!

todd howard thumbs up newton ii hunting paddlefish
Credit: Bethesda/X

todd howard thumbs up newton ii hunting paddlefish
Credit: Bethesda/X

Starfield remains full of surprises, which players are only starting to unearth now. Amazing, because the game is a few days shy of its 6th month since it was launched.

Well, in any case, this player was simply celebrating his birthday and decided to end the day with a bit of exploration of the planet Newton II.

Starfield's planets are as huge as the galaxy in which their star systems revolve. For that day’s exploration, X user Indigo Blackstar picked a swamp biome to land in.

Perhaps he wanted a change of scenery. Whatever his reason for choosing that biome as a destination, he was rewarded more than he expected.

level 95 hunting paddlefish newton ii
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Credit: X/wobblybollocks

By doing so, Indigo Blackstar discovered a previously unknown network of rivers on the planet that happened to be home to a few aquatic fauna. His most significant discovery is a Level 95 Hunting Paddlefish, which his scanner told him carries a Membrane resource.

No other picture was uploaded, so it’s probably correct to assume that this player left the Hunting Paddlefish alone. We don’t know what level his character is, but that creature looks like something you don’t want to trifle with. Fortunately, its temperate is Defensive.

Data for Newton II describe it as a Rock Planet with an environment conducive to life.

There are eight species of fauna on the planet, one of which Indigo Blackstar is yet to discover. The planet’s Water is considered biological, so it’s unsurprising that it is teeming with aquatic life!

It seems that our explorer can’t have enough of this discovery - he said that he built an outpost by the river to enjoy the view during his downtime in the game.

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