Photo of the Week - Zooming Through Space Rocks

starfield ship and space rock

starfield ship and space rock

Howdy, explorers! It’s Thursday, and once again, it’s time for our Starfield Photo of the Week pick. We’ve selected a really cool picture for you this week, which comes from Instagram user Catlovingtreklover.

Check it out.

This picture is mindblowing. The spaceship is zooming through a group of space rocks, or asteroids, and they’re not just ordinary asteroids; the asteroids emit lightning between them, which completes the visual experience.

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Credit: Instagram

We don’t know how Catlovingtreklover stumbled upon this situation in Starfield, but we sure are thankful they were quick on the trigger in opening Photo Mode to capture this great snap.

That’s why you should always be on guard and ready to go into Photo Mode anytime. You don’t know what images you can take, and we’re very interested in that.

Would you like to participate in our Starfield Photo Contest? Upload your best snaps on your social channels and add the hashtag #PortalSnapshot. This way, we can track what uploads people make out of their Photo Mode captures.

Space travel is one cool feature in Starfield, and people’s trips to the heavens alone are good sources of great pictures, as you can see in our Photo of the Week feature. Broaden your horizons. If you find that it takes you time to find all the Star Systems in Starfield, why not try the Fast Travel Anywhere mod?

This mod, which you can download on Nexus, automatically unlocks all 120 star systems in Bethesda’s most successful role-playing game so far. With it installed, you can Fast Travel to any star system you’d like, even if you haven’t finished the game yet or have not reached the requisite level to unlock said system.

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