Fast Travel Anywhere Mod Unlocks All Star Systems in Starfield

starborn and spaceship

starborn and spaceship

When you begin playing Starfield, your fast-travel capability is limited until you surrender The Artifact to the Constellation. Afterwards, you can start unlocking star systems as you and your ship gain levels.

That takes some time, and when you do finish the game and become Starborn, you are still subject to the same constraints. Although you’ve unlocked many star systems, you couldn’t access those you haven’t explored in your previous game.

Wouldn’t you like to unlock all the star systems when you start a New Game+ after finishing the main storyline?

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Credit: Nexus Mods

Worry not; this is now possible, thanks to Modder Draspian at Nexus Mods. Aptly titled “All Star Systems Explored,” the mod will open up all 120 Starfield’s star systems after you start a new game after becoming Starborn.

With all the knowledge you have imparted, you deserve this rare perk.

This can also be used by those who start a New Game from scratch, but we don’t recommend that as it takes away the fun of exploring things to gain levels and unlock more Star Systems.

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Credit: Bethesda

Starfield is locked in a New Game Plus loop for now since no new content is available. However, fans don’t have to wait long because the next DLC, “Shattered Space,” may come out in early 2024.

Although Bethesda has no confirmed release date, previous release histories show that the company released a DLC a year after the original game came out. Leaked documents from the Federal Trade Commission also suggest, but not confirm, a similar schedule.

The leaked documents also show a Fallout 3 title being listed for release in 2024, which may suggest a remake. Again, there has yet to be an official confirmation from Bethesda on this matter.

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