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Your Starfield outpost is your home away from home. You’ll be very busy exploring planets in the game’s wide galaxy, but you’ll want to land somewhere and spend a night or two in one of them. That’s one of the reasons why you build outposts, aside from resource gathering.

The thing with outposts in Starfield, however, is they never look and feel like home. For instance, the interior looks more like something pulled out from a TV show set, like Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. No matter how you customize it with old Earth furniture and other apparel, it still feels like what it is - a planetary station.

This modder realized that when they made this little change to the game. Aptly called “Lived-In Outposts,” it adds new items to your furniture and furnishings to make your outposts feel more “lived in.”

One of the most distinctive additions that this mod brings to your outposts is the bookshelf. Unlike the vanilla bookshelves in the default options, this mod’s bookshelves have books and other items.

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Credit: Nexus

There are also other types of shelves with clutter or stuff placed in there haphazardly because, well… let’s face it, that’s how we roll in real life, and I doubt the space age and zero gravity will change us that much.

Speaking of zero gravity, these items have static form IDs, so you won’t see them flying around or ending up somewhere they were not supposed to be.

This mod will be a great addition to the one that lets you have a visual preview of each build component in the menu.

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