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starfield outpost

starfield outpost

We’ve posted that it’s possible to build outposts that cross the water, meaning players are no longer bound or limited by land. This player chose to take a Photo Mode capture of his Starfield Outpost a step further, and this initiative lands them on our weekly Outpost of the Week selection.

In a post titled “Good morning from Outpost Club Med,” Redditor fidelamos shared a photo of his character in swimming trunks waving from a white sand beach. We can see a rock formation to his left and, beyond that, the habs of his Outpost.

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Credit: Reddit

You could also see the landing pad on which a ship is perched.

Unfortunately, that’s the only picture that he posted. We couldn’t see what the actual configuration of his Outpost is. However, that does not matter because the view and location make his creation our pick for this week’s Outpost of the Week.

The ocean is a frontier that provides a degree of difficulty for players looking to scan every fauna on Starfield. According to player DoomZero, who claimed to have surveyed all 1,695 planets in the game, animals who spawn on oceans are the most difficult to scan.

To force these creatures to spawn, one has to tread close to the shores of the water and wait for the fauna to appear. This can be dangerous because these creatures could attack and make scanning impossible as you must defend yourself.

Regarding exploration, look at the information we’ve collated early on about all the Star Systems in Bethsda’s biggest RPG. There’s a lot out there in the game’s galaxy, and being informed is always to your advantage.

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