Outpost of the Week 5

lovely view of sun kissed valley

lovely view of sun kissed valley

Outposts serve multiple purposes in Bethesda’s newest open-world exploration role-playing game, Starfield.

Mainly, they stock up on resources that the player wants to mine from a certain planet and establish cargo links to other outposts. However, they also have an aesthetic value since the player is expected to use it as a living space.

For that second reason, we established our weekly Outpost of the Week article. This week, we’re picking an outpost called by its builder, the “Appalachia Outpost.”

outpost interior looks like a greenhouse
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Credit: Reddit

From the outside, the Outpost could be more visually remarkable. However, its true beauty is in its location and its well-designed interiors. The Outpost sits atop a hill and features panoramic views that take its builder’s breath away every time.

The interiors are smartly designed. The building has a living room near the trees, so it’s always cool and shaded. The Outpost also has a dining room, a bar, and a bedroom that faces the Sun.

The player even added a gym/recreation room with table tennis, benches for working out, and a punching bag.

Although the user shared numerous photos in the Reddit post, they unfortunately gave no further details on the installation. We don’t know where it is located in-game and what resources the outpost was gathering for the user.

This is the second Outpost that we featured that’s on top of a hill, while our previous pick was an outpost that extended well into the river. This hilly outpost, however, stands out because of its sensible interior design.

So, what do you think of this week's entry into the Outpost of the Week? Stay tuned here at Starfield Portal for more outposts, ship designs, and news regarding Bethesda’s most successful role-playing game to date.

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