Phil Spencer Has 148 Hours in Starfield, Ranks in Top 10%

phil spencer starfield

phil spencer starfield

It’s rare for an executive to walk the talk, but not Phil Spencer. The Xbox executive has revealed his Xbox 2023 in Review, showing the world that he has played 148 hours in Bethesda’s most successful launch, Starfield.

The infographic on his official X account shows that he has unlocked the Rare achievement In Their Footsteps, which only 14% of Starfield’s players have achieved. The infographic also placed Spencer in the top 10% of the space exploration RPG’s gamer base.

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Credit: X/Phil Spencer

Aside from Starfield, Spencer spent most of his Xbox time in Diablo IV and Pillars of Eternity: Hero Edition. He has 143 hours in Diablo IV and 124 in PoE: Hero Edition.

The infographic’s highlights also show that Spencer has a Lifetime Gamerscore of G 97,630, the total number of hours played at 917, with most of those hours earned in April. 50% of his gaming experience for 2023 was spent playing role-playing games, with Action & Adventure coming in second at 16%.

“Every minute was worth it,” Spencer’s X post said, to which the official Xbox X account replied: “If ‘Work hard, play hard’ was an image.”

Spencer recently appeared on stage during CCXP 2023, revealing that Starfield has 12 million players in three months. The Xbox executive also unveiled the gameplay trailer for the new Fallout 76 expansion: Atlantic City - Boardwalk Paradise.

Starfield is one of the driving factors behind the revenues earned by Microsoft during the first quarter of its fiscal year, 2024. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella revealed this during the October Microsoft Earnings Call with investors.

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