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golden joysticks

It’s been quite an exciting month for Bethesda. Its newest space exploration game, Starfield, broke several records by hitting the 10-million player count just three weeks after its official release. Even during early access, an astonishing 1 million players have played the game in Steam or Game Pass.

Starfield has also received nominations for awards, specifically from Game Radar’s Golden Joystick Awards. Game Radar has Bethesda’s most successful release to date on the shortlist for the following categories: Best Audio, Best Visual Design, and Xbox Game of the Year!

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These nominations are a positive recognition of Starfield’s achievements so far. Indeed, people are discovering just how accurate the game’s physics are. When someone posted a video of 10,000 potatoes rolling out of his ship’s cockpit, players were amazed at how efficiently the new game renders all that many sprites.

When YouTuber Dennios compared Starfield to its predecessors, Skyrim and Oblivion, it did much better at rolling 10,000 milk cartons down a hill than the two other games. That’s evidence that Bethesda has improved its game engine to handle such a load effortlessly.

Please head to the voting page and vote for Starfield in the categories in which it was nominated. Let’s get together, explorers, and help our beloved game bag those awards, for it deserves the recognition!

There are many things to look forward to in Starfield. Bethesda has announced that it will release a series of updates for the game, the first of which was rolled out a week ago as Update 1.7.33.

Many other updates are coming, including native DLSS3 support for PCs equipped with Nvidia graphic cards. There is also the Shattered Space DLC that’s probably coming next year!

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