Bethesda Physics Put to the Test With Watermelons, Cheese and Milk Cartons

milk and cheese

milk and cheese

We’ve all seen several examples of how Starfield physics excels and surpasses that of its predecessors or perhaps even its competitors. For instance, somebody stuffed his ship’s cockpit full of 10,000 potatoes, and the game didn’t even glitch when they were moved.

Now, YouTuber Dennios has decided to take everything a step further. Aside from testing Starfield’s physics, Dennios also decided to check how the game’s predecessors, Skyrim and Oblivion, perform in similar situations.

For Skyrim, Dennios bought 2,500 cheese wheels in the game and rolled them down the mountainside. He bought 10,000 watermelons in Oblivion and a similar number of milk cartons for Starfield. These were also rolled down the mountainside.

As expected, Starfield had no problem at all rendering all 10,000 milk cartons rolling down the mountain after the player. Skyrim did well as well with its cheese wheels, although Dennios stated that 2,500 is the limit - add one more and the game will crash.

Finally, as the oldest of the bunch, Oblivion clearly had trouble handling its 10,000 watermelons. The items taxed the game’s engine, causing lags in rendering.

These three experiments show how far Bethesda has come in developing its games. There is an obvious improvment with in-game physics with Starfield, which has become Bethesda’s biggest launch so far.

The game has managed to hit 10 million players in just three weeks after its official release, and that number continues to grow.

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Credit: Bethesda

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