Xbox Jump on Promotional Opportunity With NASA Telescope Discovery

An image of space shows a question mark style formation

An image of space shows a question mark style formation

Many online have been questioning Xbox and Bethesda's marketing strategy when it comes to Starfield. Whether this just be online trolling or fan-boy hate, criticising the marketing for an upcoming game is an odd one to pick at. For those who are claiming Bethesda is marketing Starfield badly, NASA has shaken things up unintentionally.

Actually, the wonders of the cosmos have shaken things up truth be told. Could this be our first real-life side quest? Will we be able to fast-travel there? Either way, we should definitely manually save first.


An image from space shows a question mark type formation
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Let's see what they want

So how does the world-known space agency come into the picture? Well, as reported by, they have found what appears to be a question mark in space. The team at Bethesda described Starfield as NASA-punk during the direct, maybe this is no coincidence.

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) team at the European Space Agency (ESA) released an image on Wednesday (June 26) offering the most detailed look yet at two actively forming young stars located 1,470 light-years from Earth in the Vela Constellation. In the image, the stars, named Herbig-Haro 46/47, are surrounded by a disk of material that "feeds" the stars as they grow for millions of years.

But just below those stars, in the background of the stunning deep-space image, is an object resembling a giant cosmic question mark. Is the universe asking us something?

It truly does look like a question mark, perhaps Todd Howard spent his marketing budget on this elaborate stunt? Whatever the case may be, Xbox over on jumped on the discovery and used it for a cheeky bit of Starfield promotion.


A poster advertising Lucozade and Starfield
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Credit: Lucozade
Starfield and Lucozade, a match made in space

Bethesda has a lot of cross-brand promotion going on for Starfield, these issues fans are picking at are unfounded, and frankly baffling. You can find Starfield branding on brand-new Xbox official controllers and headsets already available. There is also a promo with yfood in Germany, who have released a Starfield branded flavour of meal replacement drink.

Really, the marketing is out there, a giant deep-dive presentation at the Xbox showcase, licensed Xbox accessories and even Starfield logos now on the back of the console boxes. It is a strange one indeed to fuss over online, but the internet will internet after all.

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