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Howdy, explorers! We’ve all seen that video of 10,000 potatoes cascading out of the ship’s cockpit just a few weeks after the release of Bethesda’s Starfield. Supposedly, that video was to test the game’s physics engine, which seemed to perform satisfactorily.

However, players also know the nightmare of having a cluttered ship interior, and we seem to get a lot of that in Starfield, even though we nor our crews are stocked on stuff like beer bottles and uncapped coffee cups.

Fortunately, a thoughtful modder by the handle, Aurelianis, came up with what I hope is the ideal solution for you. You can now download his aptly named mod Ship Cleanup from Nexus if you want a ship as clean as the one below.

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Credit: Nexus
Now, this is a ship of the future.

According to the mod’s description page, it removes the following “trash” items when installed:

  • Foam cups and containers
  • Empty beer bottles, Chunks wrappers, empty Terrabrew coffee cups
  • Lids to just about any clutter
  • All kinds of trash like empty toilet napkin rolls, paper, and napkins
  • All abrasion marks like dirt, scorch marks, scratches, and stickers

The modder also decided to change the generic furniture into versions that are a bit more presentable. For instance, Taiyo furniture is now color-coded red, while HopeTech upholstery is now wrapped in blue.

While you’re at it, you might want to give another shipbuilding mod a try. This one lets you access the builder menu from INSIDE YOUR SHIP. This means you can now decorate your interiors how you want them to look instead of the game’s generic arrangement.

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