Sarah Dares You To Ask About Holes in Cheeky New Mod

sarah morgan

sarah morgan

We’ve all heard Sarah Morgan say the darnedest things in Starfield. This new mod, however, makes Sarah cheeky enough without saying a word. All it does is give Sarah a new jacket patch that dares people to ask her a personal question.

The name of this mod, bluntly put, is “Sarah’s Ask Me About My Butthole Patch Mod.”

Yes, folks, that’s exactly what the patch on Sarah’s sleeve says. This mod replaces Sarah’s default patch, which he hopes will make the NPC more stylish and cause “mystery and intrigue.”

Of course, we don’t have a dialogue that asks Sarah exactly that, but maybe some modder will see this and decide to build up on this simple yet amusing creation. OR Todd Howard himself might decide some cheekiness would work well for his biggest RPG so far.

How about you? Would you dare ask the stingy Sarah Morgan such a cheeky question? Who knows, she might just answer you!

There’s currently a newly discovered bug, at least in Xbox versions, where Sarah replaces the NPC that the player talks to.

One player, for instance, attempted to talk to Vladimir - maybe to sell him some surveys - but the screen says that he is talking to Sarah, which keeps the dialogue from triggering.

The bug prevents the player from progressing in the game at that point, because he cannot talk to any NPC nor can he purchase anything from any vendor as the system recognizes the character as Sarah.

There’s still no fix to this bug for now, but we hope it gets addressed anytime soon as it is very annoying and game-breaking!

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