Mod of the Week 6 - Skip Vladimir

vlad starfield

vlad starfield

Vladimir is an important member of Constellation who assists you during the “Power From Beyond” quest line in Starfield. But, with this new mod, is he really that vital?

Vladimir acts as your veritable guide during this mission, where you have to reach each temple by asking him where the next one can be found. Some players find this annoying and would like to skip this dialogue like they want to skip the Fast Travel loading screens.

With this new mod, you can bypass the dialogue to get to the temple. All you have to do is press the Delete key.

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Credit: Nexus/Bethesda

To download the mod, you’ll need to go to Nexus Mods and look for the Skip Vladimir Temple Quest mod.

For it to work, you must first enable the Console Command Runner. Once the mod is installed, you need to modify your StarfieldCustom.ini file to enable the Console Hotkeys.

This mod is a straightforward yet hilarious solution to something that annoys players. Indeed, it can feel repetitive to keep going to poor Vladimir and asking him where the temple is located. Who knows what he really feels as well?

vladimir starfield
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Bethesda has made good on its promise of procedural generation, which it touts as one of the strongest points of Starfield. Some players, however, feel that procedural generation takes away from the experience by making it impossible for them to share knowledge with other explorers.

The feature randomly spawns points of interest and locations on planets for each character the game generates. This week, however, a mod came out on Nexus that keeps that from happening by assigning a fixed seed value for players on computers that have it installed.

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