Sarah Is Everywhere!

sarah morgan

sarah morgan

Many Starfield players agree that, out of the four companions, Sarah Morgan is the most disliked because of her tendency to disapprove of almost anything the main character does.

There are even bugs where Sarah would suddenly abandon the player for no reason or dislike that the spacefarer hasn't done anything.

How would you feel if, suddenly, Sarah was everywhere?

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She wasn’t physically everywhere, of course, but Reddit user my_name_is_randy described a situation in which every NPC he clicked was listed as Sarah. For example, he tries to talk to a vendor to buy something, but the screen tells him he is talking to Sarah. As a result, he couldn’t buy anything.

He also tries to talk to Vladimir, and the same thing happens - the game reads Vladimir as Sarah and will not trigger the appropriate dialogue.

The veritable Miss Morgan is constantly chilling out at the Lodge in New Atlantis, away from the player. While it may sound funny, for the player, it is annoying as he can no longer progress in the game because of the bug.

User WorldInMyEyes101 said he also encounters the same bug while playing Starfield on Xbox. He opined that this bug may be the result of the latest update and has already been reported.

Another user, Feltiik, joked that Sarah must have something important to say to be omnipresent even while physically away from the player.

It remains to be seen what will be the fix for this bug or if it is related to the new patch.

Sarah may be the most vocal of the four main companions, but all of them can be annoying or creepy sometimes. The good thing is - you can use a mod to shut them all up and prevent them from speaking out if they dislike something you’ve just done.

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