Read Distances in Light-Years With This Very Popular Mod in Nexus

drake meme starfield distances LY
Credit: Nexus Mods

drake meme starfield distances LY
Credit: Nexus Mods

One thing we find odd about Bethesda’s space explorer, Starfield, is that when you open the shipbuilder, every vessel’s range is displayed in light-years.

However, when you set your sights on a planet or star system, the scanner gives you a distance reading in Astronomical Units or AU!

It’s more than odd—it’s confusing. We can’t estimate quickly without doing a conversion if the system is within our reactor’s range of travel. Shouldn’t this reading be in Light Years instead?

Thanks to modder Deebz96 on Nexus Mods, you no longer need to fret over those. All you need to do is download their mod, aptly named “See Distances In Light Years.”

drake meme starfield distances in light years
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Credit: Nexus
Drake knows

It embeds code to convert the AU reading into LY and display it on the player’s HUD. It uses a unique *.swf called “buttonclips.”

The modder describes the mod as a “flash file,” meaning it can be safely installed and uninstalled anytime during your run-through. It is also universally compatible, meaning the modder has not encountered any other mod that causes issues when this mod is in the load order except for Undelayed Menus.

To simplify it in Todd Howard’s immortal words: “It just works!”

This mod should also make it easier for you to use the Slower Than Light mod. The LY reading makes calculating your estimated arrival time easier by letting you choose one of the numerous speeds the mod lets you accelerate your ship to.

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