Starfield Media Sponge Walkthrough

starfield media sponge mitch bejamin dialogue

starfield media sponge mitch bejamin dialogue

Media Sponge is a side quest in Starfield that sends you on a comic book-hunting adventure for a fanatic.

How to Unlock Media Sponge

To start the Media Sponge quest, head over to Cydonia and enter the residential area.

starfield media sponge cydonia door
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You need to find a boy named Mitch Benjamin, who can be seen around the community center or Jane’s Goods.

starfield media sponge mitch location
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Speak to him, and he’ll ask you to help him collect a comic book series called Dragonstar Force. He’ll mark a vendor for you to purchase a copy of the book from.

Media Sponge Walkthrough

Buy the Dragonstar Force Book

The person or store you can buy the book from varies. You can find it in Hopetown, New Homestead, or New Atlantis. The first is inside the Pit Stop in Hopetown on Polvo in the Valo Star System. You can just head inside and speak with Fast Hoang.

starfield media sponge hopetown pit stop
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He reveals himself as a contraband dealer and asks you to trade with him. Purchase a copy of a Dragonstar Force book, which costs around 100 Credits, depending on your Commerce skill.

Starfield Media Sponge inside the Pit Stop purchase dragonstar volume 1
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You can also attempt to pickpocket the person selling the book in subsequent attempts.

Return the Book to Mitch

After you purchase the Dragonstar Force book, return to Cydonia and hand over the book to Mitch Benjamin, who will take the book, give you his old copy, and pay you with Credits. You can also Persuade him to double the Credit Rewards.

Starfield Media Sponge persuade mitch for extra rewards
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The quest can be repeated 30 times after the first completion. There are no unique rewards for completing all 30 runs. However, the books have a story that's over the top and quite funny if you read through all of it.

Starfield Media Sponge repeat the quest
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Quest Rewards

  • XP - 100
  • Credits - Level Dependant
  • Dragonstar Force Books

That concludes our guide for the Media Sponge quest in Starfield. Another cute quest to help a kid on Mars involves putting up adorable frog posters.

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