New Mod Changes Starfield Intro to Star Trek the Next Generation

starfield star trek

starfield star trek

The main menu for Starfield is a divisive piece of content, having been criticized by another game developer, calling the menu a sign that the development team was too irresponsible to design a better one.

This prompted former Bethesda VP of Publishing, Pete Hines, to speak out against the criticism and call it “unprofessional.”

With that aside, however, we also saw how unlimited Starfield players’ imaginations are. Mods are coming out left and right, even with the Creation Kit still unavailable, changing things up in the game, like the intro screen.

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Credit: Nexus

The newest one is Starfield The Next Generation (Star Trek Main Menu). As its name suggests, the mod is designed to replace the default intro screen with the remastered version of the Star Trek: Next Generation opening credits with the original intro audio for the series.

This mod is free, like many others before, at Nexus.

The entire Starfield playing community eagerly awaits the release of the official mod Creation Kit, which Todd Howard promised will drop in 2024. In the meantime, mods are picking up the slack to address possible issues with the game, beginning with the first Community Patch.

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Credit: Nexus

We may yet see the Creation Kit arrive earlier than expected, with the Creation Club and Skyrim Mods websites taken down for maintenance beginning today, November 29. There’s hope that the Creation Kit for Starfield will be integrated into Creation Club at the end of this maintenance period.

Be sure to check out this week's Mod of the Week, too. This one lets the damage dealt by your explosives, mines, weapon bashing, and melee weapons scale by 5% every time you go up a level.

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