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Starfield already has a level scaling system, but it only affects the player’s base statistics. These statistics are applied to any armor or weapon the character has equipped.

While this method is a proven and tested mechanic in RPGs, wouldn’t it be great if weapon and melee damage already increased with every level you reach?

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Credit: Nexus

That’s what our Mod of the Week pick is all about. The Level Scaling mod adds 5% to explosive, weapon-bashing, and unarmed combat stats every time the player breaks through a level. Meanwhile, melee weapons also become more powerful by 1% for each level.

Unfortunately, the modder warned this mod only affects the spacefarer. This is because Sarah and the other NPCs have their own damage scaling system, which is beyond the scope of this modification.

The mod said they are open to feedback and willing to tweak the statistics even further without any issues should players request it.

In addition to the mod itself, the package includes a framework that will let players create their own scaling system for perks that need further improvement.

If level scaling is your cup of tea, head to Nexus and download the mod. It’s available free of charge.

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