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Bethesda’s biggest RPG, Starfield, is and will always be the ultimate space opera. The graphics, the depth of the available content, and the immense possibilities that mods and even bugs present make playing the game studio’s most successful game title worthwhile!

Despite all the passionate criticisms from those who disliked the game, one user on Reddit created a post paying tribute to Starfield. His thread brought along not just one but 20 photos showing why he thinks Starfield brought his dreams of a space opera to life.

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Credit: Reddit
Collision imminent, sir!

This one photo alone is enough to justify the love that user DragonStreamline has for Bethesda’s most innovative game - and those were our words for it.

DragonStreamline paid tribute to the sci-fi movies of the black-and-white age with this capture, which depicts his character in the cockpit trying to navigate through an asteroid belt. You could sense the urgency of the moment - it’s like Armageddon meeting Space Odyssey 2001, but in full monochromatic flavor.

Make sure to check out the other 19 photos in the gallery of DragonStreamline’s thread. They’re definitely worth your time.

The thread’s photos show the extent of Starfield’s graphic capability, although it suffered from performance in PCs that run on GPUs manufactured by Nvidia.

After the two mods that came out, including one by PureDark that went controversial, Bethesda is finally putting out a patch that will bring DLSS support to Starfield aside from AMD’s FSR3.

This patch is still in the beta testing phase on Steam’s Steam Beta platform before the company releases the official version, which will fix 30-plus other issues.

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