Starfield Last Resort Walkthrough

starfield last resort quest welcome to paradiso

starfield last resort quest welcome to paradiso

Last Resort is a side quest in Starfield where you are tasked by the Paradiso Resort to help them with some delivery issues they’ve been facing recently—a short trip to another planet and getting the resources needed to keep the resort going.

How to Unlock Last Resort

You can start the Last Resort by talking to Emilian Vasilescu in Paradiso on Porrima II. He can be found down near the beach. He explained the situation of the resort and said you need to track down new air filters.

starfield last resort quest location
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Last Resort Walkthrough

Give the recall claim to Akachi

Once you agree to help Emilian, he asks you to give the recall claim to Akachi Rosenblum.

starfield last resort emilian sending you for air filters
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Head to Gagarin in the Alpha Centauri system. You can find Akachi behind the Reliant Medical building. When you speak to Akechi, she asks you to wait until 11:00 local time as she needs to verify your claim since the computer is broken.

starfield last resort persuade or use security skill
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Wait Until 11:00 Gagarin Local Time

If you choose to wait it out, you can sit on a chair near the bar and press the Wait button. Skip time till you reach 11:00 in Gagarin Local Time.

If you want to wait, why not pick up local quests like the UC Wants You quest?

Persuade Akachi to Give the Parts

If you do not want to wait, try to persuade Akachi to give the parts to you now. You can take a Hippolyta to increase your chances of a successful persuasion.

starfield last resort taking air filters from akachi
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Fix Akachi’s Computer(Optional)

You can also offer her to fix her computer for the parts; you need the Security skill. This lets you fix the computer by interacting with it.

starfield last resort use security skill
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Return to Emilian

Once you receive the parts from Akachi, return them to Emilian in Paradiso and hand them to him. This will finish the quest.

starfield last resort return to emilian
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Quest Rewards

  • XP - 75
  • Credits - 1800

That concludes our walkthrough for the Last Resort quest. If you've already made it to Gagarin, why not pick up a few quests there?

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