Player Makes a Case Why the Creation Engine Isn’t the Problem in Starfield

todd howard

todd howard

Despite its successful launch on September 6, Bethesda’s latest open-world RPG, Starfield, is now swamped with one negative review to another.

While some experts like Paul Tassi believe Starfield can still bounce back given time and additional content, some, including appreciative fans who continue to play the game, acknowledge that Starfield is seriously flawed.

One of these is YouTuber Alex Adrift, who believes that the much-maligned Creation Engine is not the culprit to Starfield’s current shortcomings.

In a well-presented video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Alex makes a case that Bethesda caused its own space explorer’s woes.

Alex, for instance, points to the linear nature of Starfield’s mission design, which he said was designed that way to make Starfield endless. This is not a flaw in the Creation Engine, which does not decide on this game mechanic on its own.

Instead, it is a conceptualization issue over which Bethesda has total control.

Comparing it to its equally successful predecessors, Alex said that Starfield could’ve focused on content creation, character development, and story conceptualization instead of procedurally-generated environments that offer nothing new for the player.

Again, the YouTuber maintains that this is not a shortcoming that can be blamed on the Creation Engine but rather on the design and development choices that Bethesda had made.

Finally, Alex finished the video by agreeing that the Creation Engine has flaws, but it’s not the sole culprit of all the bugs that Starfield is experiencing, as most players suggest.

Hopefully, Starfield can start coming back with the chain of updates that Bethesda is promising will trickle next year in six-week intervals. They have even promised “new ways to travel,” which most players expect to be planetary vehicles that can improve exploration.

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