Move Around While Having a Conversation With NPCs

sarah morgan starfield

sarah morgan starfield

As an RPG, Starfield features plenty of conversations with NPCs, your primary source of side quests and missions. However, many players describe the conversation with NPCs as jarring because of the dialogue cameras' automatic zoom.

It becomes even more disorienting when another NPC walks in and blocks the one you’re talking to, as seen in Todd Howard’s Honest Conference confession regarding the game’s bugs.

Fortunately, you can change that experience with the help of this mod on Nexus called Disable Dialogue Camera. Take a look at what it does in this video below.

As you can see, the mod now makes the third-person and first-person modes available during NPC dialogues. There’s no option for the instant zoom, of course. With this mod installed, you can start walking around your companion while continuing the conversation.

This mod is available for both Steam and Game Pass versions; however, note that the two platforms have different installation processes. Check out the mod’s description page before you download it so you’ll know how to enjoy its features.

The countdown is on for the official mod support for Starfield. Todd Howard had promised that the Creation Kit would drop in 2024 but fell short of mentioning at least a specific month for release.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the result of the current maintenance period for the Creation Club, which will begin tomorrow, November 29, to see if the conclusion will result in the Starfield official modding kit appearing in the Creation Club.

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