Bethesda Concludes Beta, Officially Releases DLSS Patch

starfield patch

starfield patch

Finally, the long wait is over! Bethesda has announced that the beta testing period for its Starfield DLSS patch at Steam Beta has concluded, and they are now making it available for download.

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The update fixes several issues, but there are two main highlights of what it does for your game. First, it introduces native support for DLSS Super Resolution, Deep Learning Anti-aliasing (DLAA), Nvidia Reflex Low Latency, and DLSS Frame generation.

These changes should make graphics smoother and allow Starfield to run at more than 60 FPS for both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards.

Second and last, the update will now give your characters the option to consume any Chunks or drinks you pick up while exploring, aside from hoarding them in your storage spaces.

Check out Bethesda’s official Update page for a detailed list of fixes and tweaks that Update 1.8.86 will introduce to the game.

Bethesda had announced the DLSS update three weeks after the official Starfield launch. Since then, the company has rolled out a couple of patches that introduced major changes, including removing exploits that allowed players to earn infinite cash from puddles in Akila City, among others.

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From November 8 onwards, Starfield uploaded the newest patch to the Steam Beta platform, where participating players could give the update a test run before it was officially released yesterday.

Feedback on the DLSS support was mostly positive, with players experiencing more than a 100% boost in performance.

Bethesda had previously had an exclusive partnership with AMD to run the FSR2 upscaling technology for Starfield; however, AMD had said earlier that they fully support the studio if they decide to add DLSS support for its biggest open-world RPG franchise to date.

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