Microsoft Reports Q1’24 Revenues At $3.92B, Propelled by Starfield, Game Pass

todd howard

todd howard

Starfield pulled in awe-inspiring numbers on launch day, September 6, with an ominous 6 million players going on board in a single day. The successful launch, Bethesda’s biggest so far, has snowballed into revenue growth for Microsoft.

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Microsoft chief Satya Nadella with Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer

Specifically, Microsoft reported a 9% year-on-year revenue growth for the first quarter of fiscal year 2024. The fiscal year differs from the calendar year, and for Microsoft, it starts in July and ends in September, a whole month, which was a good one for Starfield.

According to the tech giant’s financial report, they saw revenues of $3.919 billion, a growth of about $308 million compared to last year.

What made that possible? Starfield and Game Pass, of course.

Because of Starfield, revenues from Xbox content and services jumped 13%. Interestingly, Xbox hardware revenue went down by 7%. This means more people are signing up for Starfield on PC rather than Xbox, as reflected by the uptick in Xbox content and services income.

Satya Nadella announced on the Microsoft Earnings Call that the Starfield launch generated the highest single-day add of Game Pass Subscribers in the history of the service

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Credit: Microsoft

We also reported last month how Xbox sales in the United Kingdom went up partly because of Starfield’s early access period. In the global arena, it seems that not even Starfield could get people to purchase new Xbox Series X or S units.

It’s been a good month and a half so far for Starfield. Aside from hitting 10 million users in just three weeks after launch, Starfield continually maintains the Top 3 spot in the most-played games on Xbox.

Let’s look back at the many fan creations that came out right after Starfield started hitting Game Pass, Steam, and store shelves. You might want to check out Lowcost Cosplay’s take on the Starfield poster.

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