Starfield Is Still the 3rd Most-Played Game on Xbox

todd howard

todd howard

It’s exactly one month and three days since Starfield was fully launched last month. Despite that passage of time, Bethesda’s most recent open-world exploration RPG still retains its appeal among its players.

Xbox Game Studios correspondent Klobrille announced on X that Starfield remains one of the top 3 games on Xbox.

This is another milestone for Starfield, which reached 10 million players just three weeks after it was officially released. The early access period also turned 1 million players who bought either Premium or Constellation, and 5 million more were added on September 6, launch day.

These milestones, including hitting the top 3 in Xbox, make Starfield Bethesda’s biggest launch so far. It has even helped boost the sales of Xbox Series S and Series X consoles in the United Kingdom in the last week of August, which ended September 2.

There are many features that players appreciate about Starfield, and these include a heartfelt tribute to app developer Alex Hay.

Alex Hay is a Reddit user who announced in March that he feels he won’t be around to play the game when it launched as he is already in palliative care for cancer.

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Credit: Bethesda

A month later, his friend announced that Alex had passed away and invited Bethesda to contact him if they wanted to feature him in the game. What resulted is a digital note from Alex to all the Starfield players, which you can find and add to your inventory.

Starfield remains exclusive to Microsoft Windows and Xbox, although it can also be played on the GeForce Now cloud gaming platform in addition to Game Pass.

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