Fan Creation of the Week - Lowcost Coplay Recreates Starfield Logo

starfield explorer looks at fan made logo

starfield explorer looks at fan made logo

Here at Starfield Portal, we actively scour through the information superhighway to find fan-made content that we would like to feature for our Fan Creation of the Week posts.

For this week, we’ve spotted a low-cost recreation of the Starfield logo done by none other than Lowcost Cosplay.

Lowcostcosplay is known for his ingenuity in recreating iconic characters in anime and video games using only items that can be found at home or bought at low cost. His take on Starfield is equally interesting as well.

the starfield fanmade logo being crafted
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Credit: Facebook/Lowcost Cosplay

As you can see from the picture above, which was taken from his Facebook account, he used an onion, a ruler, a lightbulb, and three action figures to recreate the Starfield poster. The trick is in the arrangement - he wisely used perspective to imitate the scale of the poster.

His use of perspective was also effective at recreating the suited astronaut - he placed himself within the bulb by sitting down from a distance.

Lowcost Cosplay is also known online as Lonely Man. His real name is Anucha Saengchart, a 33-year-old Thai national. He started doing his unique cosplay brand in December 2013 and has since acquired a significant following.

attack on titan cosplay
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Credit: Facebook/Lowcost Cosplay

His Facebook page has 6.9 million followers, while his Lonelyman Instagram account has 2 million followers as of today, September 12, 2013.

For the past 10 years, Lowcost Cosplay has recreated several iconic characters from various franchises. For instance, he had successfully recreated the Titan monster from the Attack on Titan anime using spools of red and white plastic string.

We encourage you to keep your fan creations coming. We’re always watching, so you might be the next creator we will feature here on Starfield Portal.

So, keep on creating and, most of all, keep on exploring! The galaxy is limitless, fellow explorers. See you out there.

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