Starfield Has Gone Gold, Preload Begins August 17

A selection of starfield posters
Credit: Bethesda

A selection of starfield posters
Credit: Bethesda

Fans who have been eagerly awaiting news on the gold status for Starfield will be pleased. Bethesda has announced that Starfield has officially gone gold, and preload starts tomorrow, August 17.

The wait for the gold announcement from Bethesda has felt like a lifetime. Some fans even speculated that we could be receiving a third delay of the game, that worry is now over. So start clearing out your hard drives, Starfield is nearly here!

Starfield Preload

Todd Howard on stage at E3 2015
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Credit: E3
It's happening....OMG It's happening

Since Bethesda has now announced that Starfield has gone gold, a sigh of relief can be breathed from all fans. The post over on Twitter ( reads:

"Prepare for launch. #Starfield has gone gold! Preloads begin tomorrow for @Xbox X|S and Windows PC and August 30 for Steam."

The install size will be 126.1GB for Xbox and 139.84 GB for PC.

Starfield is Xbox Series X and S native on console, this means you cannot run the game from an external hard drive, unfortunately. We would suggest moving non-native Series X and S titles to an external one to make room for the hefty download.

Starfield Has Gone Gold

Starfield poster characters look out to space
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Credit: Bethesda
We are hyped!

Going gold means that the allocated development cycle for the game has ended. The copy of the game that is currently with the studio is the final product we will see on day one. That, does not mean this is the finished product, there will certainly be a day one patch, and many more during Starfield's lifetime.

Whatever the case may be, the hype is real. Starfield is almost here and we can preload from tomorrow, August 17. We are in the endgame now people!

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