Starfield Hard Luck Walkthrough

starfield hard luck the mining league

starfield hard luck the mining league

The side mission, Hard Luck, is about helping Clover MacKenna, who works for CeltCorp, settle Saburo Okadigbo’s debt. A tale of an entrepreneur, pride, and love?

How to Unlock Hard Luck

To unlock the Hard Luck mission, visit Neon City and go to the Trade Tower, where you can find Clover MacKenna on the CeltCorp floor.

starfield hard luck celtcorp floor
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She will ask you to help her pay off Saburo Okadigbo’s debt. He’s too proud to accept her help and keeps sending envoys. Clover wants you to convince him to accept her aid.

starfield hard luck speak to clover
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Hard Luck Walkthrough

Convince Saburo to Take the Loan

You can find Saburo at the Mining League shop in Neon and can try to persuade him to take Clover’s money. If that fails, you can pay 1000 credits instead. Saburo also gives you another quest, Saburo’s Solution, but it does not impact the current Hard Luck quest.

starfield hard luck persuade saburo
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Find Clover's Diary(Optional)

Suppose you are unsuccessful in persuading Saburo and are unwilling to pay out of pocket to settle the debt. In that case, you can collect additional evidence by locating Clover’s Diary.

starfield hard luck clover's diary
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Clover’s diary is located in the CeltCorp offices and helps convince Saburo. The diary is placed on a desk at the farthest corner of the office next to a safe in the wall.

Tell Saburo About Clover's Feelings(Optional)

Once players have obtained the diary, a fresh conversation choice will be available when interacting with Saburo. The diary discloses Clover’s deep affection for Saburo, who, upon learning this, will agree to the proposal. It's an invasion of privacy for sure, but it works.

starfield hard luck tell saburo about clover's feelings
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Return to Clover

After securing the diary, you can go ahead and return to Clover in CeltCorp and tell her you convinced Saburo. This will conclude the Hard Luck quest.

starfield hard luck clover thanks for helping
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Hard Luck Quest Rewards

  • XP -100
  • Credits - 2000
starfield hard luck rewards
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This concludes our guide for Hard Luck. Now that you've helped out Celtcorp, it's time to sabotage them with the Ryujin Industries Questline.

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