Photo of the Week - Bel II Fauna Takes Center Stage

starfield alien

starfield alien

Many players tend to take pictures of sweeping vistas and stunning edifices when playing Bethesda’s latest - and most controversial - open-world RPG, Starfield. Rarely do you see somebody who allows the galaxy’s other sentient species to take center stage, too. That's a chance they deserve, especially the various fauna on the game’s numerous planets.

That’s true, at least until this X user came along. Like our previous Photo of the Week feature, this week’s selected snap exposes the game’s most underrated characters that otherwise provide much-needed resources and experience points.

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Credit: X
Isn't he beautiful?

This monster, which you can find on Bel II, is a curious visual mix of a hammerhead shark and a prehistoric Pterodactyl. It has the Pterosaur's wings, legs, and talons combined with the hammerhead shark's distinctive head and tail.

Three others are in the user’s gallery and uploaded to his X account, @thedailydiplo. Make sure to go there and check those images out.

Starfield has once again been featured in the mainstream gaming news media. We’d have to admit the news is not good because the game’s scores seem to have dropped further toward the “Mostly Negative” territory.

Bethesda’s customer support representatives have worked hard to manage the game’s reputation on Reddit and Steam. The studio itself has already announced on Elon Musk’s X that it will release a series of updates starting in February to improve player experience.

The promised changes include “new ways of travel,” although BGS has yet to specify what these would be, leaving players to speculate or wait until the patches drop.

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