Ship of the Week - Meet the Ulysses 31

Credit: X/ARandyGamer

Credit: X/ARandyGamer

Howdy, explorers! For our Starfield Ship of the Week feature, we’re happy to include this submission from one of our followers on X. Going by the user name ARandyMidget, they sent this Class C vessel which they named the “Ulysses 31.”

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Credit: X/ARandyGamer

ARandyMidget did not mention exactly which ship he took inspiration from for the Ulysses 31, so we can assume it’s an original design.

It appears to be several ship parts stacked together, but he did not indicate if he used mods to create this space-faring vessel for Bethesda’s newest space exploration RPG.

In any case, the stats are impressive. The Ulysses 31 has a mass of 2953 and would sell for 82117 credits should its creator decide to let it go. Its Class C-40 Reactor can take it 21 light-years in a single jump, while its Shield can protect it for 1450 hit points.

ARandyGamer seems to have an affinity for Particle weapons, as the Ulysses 31 has a pair of them with offensive powers of 69 and 85, respectively.

We would love to see what’s inside this ship, but ARandyGamer has not provided any in his X post. In any case, enjoy a look at the Ulysses 31.

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