Starfield Loses to Baldur’s Gate 3 in Unscripted’s 2023 Glitch of the Year Award

glitch of the year

glitch of the year

Unscripted set its sights on Starfield a couple of months ago when it created the “Honest Conference” video that featured an AI-voiced Todd Howard “confessing” to all of the game’s bugs after being assured of a safe space.

That was hilarious, if not a little eviscerating, of Bethesda’s newest open-world RPG. It was funny listening to Todd Howard “admitting” that they have a 300-seat feeder that they use to recycle the bugs in Bethesda’s roster of games, for example.

Who wouldn’t forget the “controversial 7 out of 10” Metacritic prediction, too?

Well, Unscripted is back with a new video featuring our beloved Starfield again, this time in a fictional GLITCH of the Year Awards!

To be fair, Starfield is featured alongside three other games in the roster - Spiderman 2, Gollum, and Redfall. However, the show gives Bethesda’s latest intellectual property with a special presentation - the glitches are too numerous that the video itself crashes, and changes into the Skyrim intro sequence.

In the sequence, the re-dubbed NPCs claim that they’re about to be ported to the next gen consoles before the screen blacks out again, and the show comes back online. This time, the awards body gets ready to award the much-coveted Glitch of the Year award!

The camera cuts to a smiling Todd Howard, and then to the announcer as he slowly reads the note in front of him: “And the Glitch of The Year is… Baldur’s Gate 3!” to thunderous applause.

Of course, the video is an obvious dig at how The Game Awards snobbed Starfield for the Game of the Year award, keeping it out of the nominations and giving the award to Baldur’s Gate 3. It even uses the TGA awards night footage including the hashtag!

Well, enjoy the video and have fun… even at the expense of Bethesda’s biggest launch to date.

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