Starfield Continues to Break Concurrent Player Records at Steam

starfield steam

starfield steam

Bethesda enjoyed groundbreaking statistics after launching its newest intellectual property after 25 years, the space explorer sim Starfield. The game peaked at 330,723 concurrent players on Steam alone in the first few days after its launch.

Two months after the release on September 6th, the numbers have dwindled somewhat. However, to nobody’s surprise, Starfield continues to record high figures for concurrent players in the cloud gaming platform.

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Credit: Steambase/Screenshot
Starfield's concurrent player stats over the past 3 months

According to Steambase, Starfield still enjoys upwards of 30,000 concurrent players as of yesterday, November 6. The chart clearly shows that Bethesda’s most successful open-world RPG had 42,970 players hopping on simultaneously, while the average was 28,593.

Starfield is currently at #67 in Steam’s charts. It has a Mixed rating, but positive reviews still outweigh the negative by 47%.

Reddit users are upbeat, with one user stating that the figures are more likely to improve once Bethesda releases updates that will patch up issues that negatively affect their gameplay experience.

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Credit: Nvidia
That's more than 100% difference in performance

The community eagerly awaits the release of the official DLSS3 support for Nvidia GPU cards, which Bethesda announced will drop anytime this week in Steam Beta.

The company is inviting all Nvidia GPU users and Xbox owners to try the beta version and leave feedback for further tweaking of the patch.

After the beta testing, BGS will further optimise the update before it launches on an unspecified date.

Starfield is known as Bethesda’s biggest launch, garnering a million users during early access.

Three weeks later, it was reported that Starfield had seen 10 million users, coinciding with the launch of Imagine Dragons’ music video for “Children of the Sky.”

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