You Can Finally Shut Up Annoying Companions in Starfield

sarah morgan and andreja

sarah morgan and andreja

NPCs play various roles in Bethesda’s newest space exploration RPG, Starfield. The most memorable NPCs are your four companions: Sarah, Andreja, Barrett, and Sam. They accompany you, fight with you, sleep with you, and, unfortunately, openly disagree with you in certain actions.

Your dialogues with your companions could become annoying, especially when you pick the wrong options. While a normal part of storytelling, it understandably ticks off most people, including the modder Striker0420.

What does Striker 0420 do? Well, he creates a mod and calls it the SHUT UP mod.

As its name suggests, it literally removes dialogue in which one or all of your companions give you a dressing down when you do certain actions like looting, killing other NPCs, or choosing the wrong quest options.

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Credit: Nexus

The mod is still at its early stage, and Striker0420 warns that installing it could mess up your game when Bethesda releases updates like yesterday’s Update 1.7.36. Thus, it is highly recommended to back up your game before installing this mod until he can create his own script in the future.

If you’re continually annoyed by any or all of your companions over everything that you do, this mod is your solution.

Last night, Bethesda announced a new update that introduced FOV sliders and improved the performance of PCs running on Nvidia Arc GPUs. The update also fixed a glitch in the “Echoes of the Past” quest line.

This is the second of numerous expected updates, the first one of which was greeted by anger by some in the Starfield player community. Players were particularly unhappy with the removal of a glitch that allowed them to collect infinite loot and credits in Akila City.

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