Modders Replace Barrett With Jack Sparrow in Starfield

jack sparrow in starfield

jack sparrow in starfield

With modders, anything is possible. They can bring anybody into Starfield if they put their thought into it. Last week, some modders brought The Mandalorian and Boba Fett into Starfield with their cosmetic mods.

Today, a group of modders that brought Stormtroopers into Starfield announced that they are working on yet another creation that will now bring characters like Thomas the Tank Engine, Jack Sparrow, and Bastion from Overwatch into Bethesda’s highly successful role-playing game.

Mr. Rebs broke the news on X. The content creator said he spoke to the modders, who provided him with information, a gameplay video, and some exclusive images.

According to Mr. Rebs, the mod will replace the NPC Barrett with Captain Jack Sparrow and Vasco with Bastion.

The funniest thing about this mod is that they replaced the characters in the Mine prologue with Minecraft avatars. Also, all the ships that fly the universe in this mod are replaced by gigantic Thomas the Tank Engine versions.

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Credit: Bethesda

But the most exciting part here is the opportunity to romance Jack Sparrow since he is replacing the forlorn scientist Barrett. After he is introduced, you can select him as a primary companion to start the courtship process.

Check out our Barrett romance guide to have fun starting a relationship with Jack Sparrow in the Starfield universe.

Watch the gameplay preview window to know what’s in store with this upcoming mod.

If you’ve always been frustrated by the slow pace of space travel in Starfield, you should also check out a new mod that allows you to control your velocity. The mod lets you fly at up to 100 times the speed of light, making it easier for you now to traverse within star systems.

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